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Choosing the right life insurance and the appropriate coverage is the best way to protect our nearest and dearest from financial cataclysms if the worst comes unexpected. What is the human life value? Different for every individual. To determine the dollar value of ones life different factors are taken into consideration. Such as after tax annual salary, value of all personal assets, individual annual expenses, ages of all family members, number of years remaining that the person is expected to work. Human life value is loss of future earnings by the dependents upon the insured's death.

Among the different types of life insurance are term life, whole life, universal life, with return of premium etc. Tell us who you are, what are your earnings, what are your goals and we will offer you the best to pick up from.

Annuities - to fund saving plans, pension plans, retirement plans, to secure your future, to help you keep the standard of living you had before retirement.

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