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Property Insurance generally is designed to protect our homes, personal properties and our businesses. There are two main lines - personal lines of insurance and commercial lines of insurance. Personal lines are types of insurance written for individuals, commercial lines apply to businesses.

There are numerous perils and hazards, which happen all the time and we can not predict, but only anticipate, and that is where the insurance policy stands for.

The most popular assumption for property insurance is when a man buys a house and then he gets insurance to protect his property. But the wide aspect of property insurance does not stop here. You can protect your personal belongings: if you are renting you can protect your personal properties against perils. If you own a business, but renting you still need to protect your business against unexpected.

A lot of companies offer a lot of insurance types and coverage and we are here to help you pick the right one for you and tailor it according your personal needs.

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